General Information, Policies and Procedures

Note:  All information below is received in the form of a REQUEST ONLY and will not be guaranteed until you receive an official email confirmation outlining your registration. All options above are based on availability and Herbalife Nutrition and The Hybrid Group LLC cannot guarantee the performance or delivery of any venue, inventory, or supplier involved in the production of this event.  

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation fee of room rate and tax per room for two nights (starting a $522.12) will be charged to Distributors who cancel their reservation after April 16, 2023. No-shows will be charged for the entire stay of the confirmed reservation based on the number of occupants in the room. Cancellation fees and no-show fees also apply to additional room reservations. 

Indemnification: The Hybrid Group LLC is the official event, coordination, and registration office for Herbalife Nutrition. By accepting the policies and procedures outlined herein and outlined within Herbalife Nutrition’s hotel agreement, you agree that The Hybrid Group LLC (Hereafter THG) assumes no liability for cancellation of events, loss of deposit, quality of event, or any other occurrence as a result of decisions made or enforced by Herbalife Nutrition or your credit card issuing bank. Any refunds or credits charged or deposited by THG on behalf of Herbalife Nutrition are 100% subject to the policies and procedures enforced and/or mandated by Herbalife Nutrition. You agree that THG shall not be liable for any revenues/deposits turned over to Herbalife Nutrition or for the denial of any cancellation or refund. You further agree to hold harmless and indemnify THG, its employees, officers, contractors, suppliers, or any related relationship as a function of processing your registration or attending any event of Herbalife Nutrition. ANY information given at time of registration can be released to Herbalife Nutrition upon request at any given time. You agree to hold THG harmless and THG assumes no liability for information passed to Herbalife Nutrition. If roommates apply, you agree to hold THG harmless and THG assumes no liability for chosen roommate, circumstances, or occurrences of any kind as a result of your roommate selection. Event registration and hotel/housing services provided by the Hybrid Group, LLC, Technology services provided by separate party.

Worldwide Data Policy